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Could my whole life be a flash in a darkened room? If so, give credit to © David Pearson, a silent film scholar.


Ford Sterling and Mabel Normand.
Grandma was persuaded to relocate in Los Angeles.

Joel McCrea.


I was named for one actor and reincarnated from another.

Clara Bow.
Alla Nazimova.


I lived in the haze of innocence.

Louise Brooks.
Karen Black.


I dreamed of a romantic world.

Jean Harlow.
Louise Brooks and Keen Thompson.


I thought I was very smart.

Anita Loos.
Alice Roberts, Louise Brooks and Fritz Kortner.


Berkeley took care of that.

Alla Nazimova.
Clara Bow.


The energy of Los Angeles gave me hope for the future...

Louise Brooks.
Dolores Del Rio and Ivan Linow(?)


...and almost buried me again in madness.

Barbara La Marr and William V. Mong.
Lili Damita.


I accepted the contradictions of this world.

Zasu Pitts.
Louise Fazenda.


Now I'm as sophisticated as hell...

Audrey Hepburn.
Frida Kahlo.


...And ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Joel Rane.

Care to see a more dismal side of life? Try the photography of Weegee. You can find more of my tastes at my YouTube page.

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