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If you're going to break your leg, I can't think of a nicer place than the Emerald Isle. Read about my 2001 adventure.


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North America


Los Angeles

Map of Los AngelesAh...much maligned childhood home. Would you like to see a pretty image of my fair city? Just click on the small thumbnail. No one can pull down the City of the Angels in my eyes, and many have tried. May they all know nothing but a disconcerting loneliness, all those children who left us behind for their own gratification. We are the end of the world, the great experiment. It's dull and unfriendly, ugly and shallow, but hidden below the surface anything is possible, and not just the middle-class fantasy of New York City or the capitals of Europe. An Inuit and a Persian just sold a fake ID to a Nicaraguan, and they all live next door. Sigh.

The South

New Orleans and Albuquerque

Ah, cities of every vice, you can't say bad things about places where everything wants to be bad. In January 2000 I pulled out of town, got drunk and ran my car into a wall a week later. What more can I say? Read about my epic drive across the Southwest to the Big Easy.


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I'm not there yet, but I'm planning on visiting my comrade librarians at the National Library of the Islamic Republic of Iran someday.


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South America

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