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I have come to tell you all...


...I will tell you all.

Accelerate Us, My Muse, Into the Future!

Yes, I am also a writer.

Here are some of my publications-ongoing, and some of them are available to you online (just click on the title). Read me!Or you can download some of them for free! Do you like fiction, poetry, or non-fiction? Or perhaps you're interested in my favorite authors? You can also find information at my Facebook fan page!

Pretty True

A Grain of Truth

Not Very True at All

The Other Truth

I've devoted my other career to my fellow writers as a librarian, formerly in the Literature and Fiction Department of the Los Angeles Public Library. We created two excellent annotated bibliographies on-line, the California Fiction Database and the Series and Sequels Database. You'll discover my cockeyed commentary within.

Susie Bright's Memoir.Of course, I know a few writers up close and personal. Take a ride to Paris, for example, and enjoy the scenery in Nicolas Richard's Week-End en Couple. Or take a thrill ride with Mark London Williams' Danger Boy. David Del Valle will be happy to camp it up at Camp David, and Rob Roberge will gladly beat him black and blue for doing it.

Among my other favorite writers is the late, great Philip Kindred Dick.Philip K. Dick! Click on the picture to transport yourself to a dimension created for him by another loving fan.

I am also much enamoured of the late J.G. Ballard. He wrote the blistering High-Rise and the sexy Crash, both charming accounts of late 20th-Century life; he also survived a remarkable period of imprisonment and scavenging during his adolescence in Shanghai, China, as described in Empire of the Sun. Crash.

Yet another favorite writer of mine was Jan Kerouac, daughter of the Beat writer; her own autobiographical books Baby Driver and Trainsong are two of the best adventures on the wild edge as anything ever writ. Baby Driver.

Other faves of mine are mysterious Richard Brautigan, Euro hot Anaïs Nin, L.A. hot Francesca Lia Block, insightful Alfred Döblin, sweet Sandra Bernhard, unflinching Bertolt Brecht, street-smart Sarah Schulman, unstoppable Susie Bright, clever Tama Janowitz, and last but not least, that devil Henry Charles Bukowski, R.I.P. Here's a toast for my contemporary, Danielle Willis, poet, wherever she may wander, clink!

Enjoy the recorded musings of some of my favorite authors at this YouTube playlist...

Scream into the Void

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